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Investors Lounge generates powerful analytics for financial institutions across Pakistan. We aggregate, mine and analyze financial market data to help investment teams across Pakistan generate Alpha for their clients.

Investment managers spent countless hours making calls and skimming data sources to aggregate data. This limits time for deep analysis and coverage. For a subscription of just $100/month we solve this problem for the institution. We aggregate key financial data and enable better visualization of market activity so that these professionals can stand a much better chance of making better gains on their portfolios.

Invest Pro

Pakistan’s capital markets are undergoing a transformation. The appetite for data and excellence in client servicing has never been higher. Brokerage houses that do not improve their offerings will have no option but to shut down.

To help brokerage firms better service their clients and meet regulatory requirements we offer ‘Invest PRO’, an information solution that takes care of your client’s data requests as well as the regulators compliance requirements. Invest PRO ensures brokers are equipped with the information and tools required to achieve leadership in the brokerage industry.

Research Portal

There is strong demand from Investors for convenience in market monitoring and greater depth in data at the point of action – the trading terminals. Since trading terminal providers do not specialize in data or visualization, we put together the most elegant and inexpensive market dashboard that brokers can get white-labelled with their brand and provide to their clients.

Robo-Advisory Solutions

We design and implement world-class Robo-Advisory and Wealth Management solutions for our clients. From Risk Profiling to Portfolio Rebalancing, we offer Plug and Play solutions to help financial institutions offer best-in-class portfolio management services. Market Data Solutions.

Data API Providers

We provide real-time access to over 10,000 financial indicators ranging from stocks, mutual funds, economy, and business statistics through our API Services. If you require financial data to run your models or power your website, we have world-class solution for you.

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