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About Finox

Finox is Pakistan’s leading Financial Analytics and Media Company. We specialize in developing solutions that enable data-driven decisions in capital markets. Our mission is to empower the financial industry of Pakistan with the tools to execute profitable investing decisions.

Finox is associated with Arpatech Technology ventures (ATV), the venture arm of Arpatech Private Limited, one of Pakistan’s leading Technology Companies.

Team Members

Our Team

While software teams can serve most industries without much complication, the financial industry is unique in its nature. It is only through deep understanding of the market, years of experience and key relationships that technology companies can be capable of delivering stellar data-intensive products to market participants. Our team has the perfect blend of experience and expertise, which allows us to solve complex problems, faster.

Baqar Abbas Jafri

Founder and CEO

Sennen Desouza

Director, BD and Marketing

Hammad Ali Hashmi

VP Engineering
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